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Help and advice on quitting smoking

10 rules for quitting smoking

  1. Fix a quitting date and stick to it.
  2. After quitting, avoid having a cigarette at all costs, even one puff: the risk of a relapse is too great.
  3. Get rid of all your cigarettes, lighters and ash-trays.
  4. Write a list of all the disadvantages of smoking and the benefits of quitting.
  5. Use nicotine replacement therapy, Zyban or Champix. These products attenuate withdrawal symptoms (irritability, nervousness, anxiety, depression, concentration problems, disturbed sleep patterns, increased appetite, weight gain, cravings) and double your chances of quitting successfully.
  6. Ask others not to smoke in your presence. During the first few weeks, avoid places where people smoke. However, if you cannot - or do not want to- avoid these places, then decline all offers of cigarettes politely but firmly. Be proud that you no longer smoke!
  7. Tell your friends that you have stopped smoking. Get support.
  8. Change your routine to avoid places and situations where you used to smoke: e.g. leave the table as soon as the meal is over.
  9. Use diversionary activities to deal with cravings (e.g. go for a walk, drink water, chew gum or wash your hands). Cravings increase gradually, reaching a 'peak' and regressing spontaneously. The urge to smoke lasts no more than 5 minutes. As time passes, these cravings diminish in number and intensity until they disappear completely.
  10. Remind yourself that getting used to life without tobacco can be time consuming and often requires several attempts.

Fixer une date d'arrêt mais y a-t-il un bon moment pour arrêter?

Réponse de Patricia Borrero, infirmière spécialisée en tabacologie, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG)


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