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Help and advice on quitting smoking

A few striking figures

  • In Switzerland, France and the majority of developed countries, smoking is the main preventable cause of illness and death.

  • In Switzerland, 10,000 people die every year from smoking-related illnesses - the equivalent of 25 Boeing 747 plane crashes! The figure is higher than the total deaths caused by road accidents (700), illegal drugs (310), AIDS (680), liver cirrhosis (650) and suicide (1,500).

  • In France, smoking is responsible for 60,000 deaths each year.

Smoking doesn't just kill elderly people

  • In Switzerland, 30% of deaths among men age 35 to 69 years are due to smoking, as are 8% of those in women of the same age.

  • In France, the figures are 34% for men and 4% for women (the figure being higher among women because in the past, they were more likely to smoke than men).

  • 90% of all lung cancers can be attributed to smoking

  • Just 13% of those who are diagnosed with lung cancer today will still be alive in 5 years' time

  • 1 smoker in 2 dies from a smoking-related illness, and smokers die on average 8 years before non-smokers.

  • More often than not, smoking-related deaths are preceded by long and painful illnesses and medical or surgical treatment.

Mortality table