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Help and advice on quitting smoking

Women have a lot to gain by quitting smoking

For a long time, women were less affected by the disadvantages of smoking than men. Now that the number of women who smoke has risen to almost match that of men, this distinction is no longer possible and unfortunately, a woman who smokes like a man dies like a man. What information do women in particular need to know?

Contraception and tobacco do not mix well

In fact, smoking considerably increases the risk of circulation problems in women who take the contraceptive pill. The combination of tobacco and pill is a major cause of premature death in young women, notably by strokes.

Future mothers

In addition, quitting smoking offers several advantages for women who are trying to start a family. Firstly, quitting smoking increases fertility - female smokers who want to have a baby typically take longer to fall pregnant than non-smokers. Secondly, quitting smoking also protects children. Many health problems in fetuses, babies and children have been proven to be caused by cigarette smoke from their parents.




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