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Help and advice on quitting smoking

The effects of smoking on health

In Switzerland, 9,000 people die from smoking-related illnesses every year. In France, the figure is 60,000, which is equal to one death in seven.

90% of deaths from lung cancer among men are caused by smoking, and 80% of those among women. Furthermore, a smoker's risk of dying of cardiovascular disease is 1 to 4 times greater than that of a non-smoker. Nearly half (47%) of diseases caused by smoking are due to cardiovascular diseases, 22% to lung cancer, 17% to respiratory diseases and 12% to other cancers.

Over the course of the 21st century, smoking could cause the deaths of one billion people. In an attempt to counter this epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified 6 policies aimed at managing tobacco use throughout the world.


Do you suffer from respiratory problems?
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