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Help and advice on quitting smoking

Nicotine chewing gum

What are the benefits of nicotine chewing gum?

  • Less weight gain after smoking cessation. It is scientifically proven that people who use nicotine replacement therapy are less likely to gain weight after smoking cessation.
  • Fast relief from irritability, the urge to snack, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, the urge to smoke and other inconveniences that may occur in smoking cessation.
  • Nicotine gum can significantly reduce many withdrawal symptoms or even eliminate them, provided it is used correctly and in the right doses. It is recommended to choose the dosage by taking a nicotine dependence test.
  • Scientific studies have shown that gum increases your chances of successfully quitting smoking. The Swiss drug authority, Swissmedic, officially recognizes the effectiveness of the gum, registering it among the medicines used in smoking cessation.

What are the side effects?

  • Early in treatment, you may experience mouth irritation, hiccups, heartburn, increased salivation and other mild digestive disorders (especially if you chew this medication too fast). To reduce these problems, it should not be chewed like a regular chewing gum, but slowly, (see "how to use nicotine gum").
  • Sleep disturbances may occur, especially if you are using the gum in the evenings. However, the disturbances may be related to smoking cessation. It is the same for headaches, which may be related to smoking cessation and side effects of gum.
  • Amongst the other side effects, there is an increase in heart rate. Most side effects can be avoided if one chews the gum as directed below.

If you have heartburn regularly, we suggest that you avoid this medication. It is the same if you have an ulcer. In these situations, the patch would be a better option than gum.

How to use nicotine gum

You can take it throughout the day, or only when you are tormented by the urge to smoke. Because of its flexibility, it is especially indicated for irregular smokers. Take at least 10 pieces per day. If you feel the urge to smoke, use more gum or use either a patch or a nicotine inhaler at the same time. If you smoke fewer than 20 cigarettes per day, you can save money, cut a 4mg chewing in 2 and use 1/2 piece at a time.

Duration of treatment: From 8 weeks to 3 months.

Important: For the best results, follow these chewing instructions:

  • Slowly chew the gum: the taste appears
  • After about 10 chews, take a pause by wedging the gum between the cheek and gum
  • Wait until the taste is attenuated
  • Again slowly chew the gum (gum = 30 minutes)

Tips from smoking cessation specialist doctors

Avoid drinking coffee or fruit juice (acid) before and while using the gum, as these drinks reduce its effectiveness.

Chewing the gum too quickly releases too much nicotine, a tangy taste, a decrease in the effectiveness of the gum, hiccups, or stomach ache.

Do not stop treatment prematurely as this will decrease your chances of success.