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Help and advice on quitting smoking

I just quit smoking

I'm taking back control of my life; it's good for my children...
But I'm feeling down

li-arrow-blue-bg Low spirits or depression, how can I get through this?

I feel better about myself; my skin is more radiant...
But it's hard when others light up!

li-arrow-blue-bg How can I resist when I'm in the company of smokers?

I have freed myself from the shackles; it does me good to talk about what I'm going through...
But I've put on weight and it bothers me!

li-arrow-blue-bg How can I avoid gaining too much weight?

I no longer need to go outside to smoke on the sidewalk; I've won a battle...
But I suffer from all the withdrawal symptoms: stress, nervousness, depression irritability

li-arrow-blue-bg Which medications are effective?