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Help and advice on quitting smoking

FAQ - Occasional smokers

I. Question : I plan to stop completely. But is it dangerous to smoke a cigarette every night, until the urge is gone completely?

Answer: Most smokers who have successfully quit, did so at once. It seems to be easier to stop completely as to gradually reduce.

II. Question :  I am an occasional smoker (1 or 2 cigarettes / month) and would like to know if that's enough to harm to health (I mean damage, no dependency)?

Answer: The health risks exist even for non-smokers being passively exposed to tobacco smoke. The risk is dose-related; 1-2 cigarettes per month will probably not have a significant impact on health. As against an occasional smoker runs the risk of becoming regular, addicted smoker. With health risks which will also increase considerably. For more information, you can read the article " light smokers ".

III. Question :  I am able to stay a month without smoking and when I go back to work is ruined. I take back one or two a day. There is the work, but also in the evening. Of course it is only 2 or 3 cigarettes per day see less, but I want to stop how do I do?

Answer: What you describe shows that there is relapse risk situations that you can not yet to master. We must try to understand why.
There are probably a ritual that is installed on the workplace (eg the day was punctuated by an occasional cigarette and then), there are also moments of pleasure where you can not even yours imagine without cigarettes. Its role is then to amplify or extend this pleasure. There are also times of stress where it is difficult for you not to use the cigarette to calm down.
Once you understand that you do not need cigarettes to manage stress or to amplify a pleasure, nor to punctuate your day, then you will have taken a big step. You can help by considering strategies to implement not to smoke in certain risk situations. Get a written list and write the solutions you think. Once you have thought about a problem, we are stronger and can better fight when it arises.
Good luck and good result!
PS: Smoking even one cigarette a day is risky, the first being to relapse in consumption the same as before!

IV. Question : For the past year I smoke one cigarette a day and 2 on weekends is this serious? it de-stresses me.

Answer: You can imagine that a doctor will tell you that smoking is bad for health. Even one cigarette a day! However, it goes without saying that smoking a cigarette time to time does not have the same impact that smoking a pack a day.
Nevertheless, it is better to stop completely while smoking, because usually it starts with a cigarette from time to time and then gradually increasing the amount of cigarettes per day as to cause dependence, which will be very difficult to get rid of. You smoke a cigarette a day. Did you really need? Could you not get the effects that you provide through other means harmless to health? Good result!