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Help and advice on quitting smoking

Persistent memories of smoking

Is it normal to have fond memories of cigarette smoking, even when we no longer feel the physical need to smoke? Is it normal for psychological dependence to persist several months after the disappearance of physical dependence? Yes.

In specialized consultations in smoking cessation, we see that after three months, most people have already overcome the physical part of quitting smoking, but in general they still have some nostalgia of situations where they smoked. It is only a few months later that these memories are no longer a risk of relapse. Why do we need to be patient and stay focused? For the same reason that you have to concentrate when you want to learn to ride a bike. Little by little, we find our balance without even thinking about it! So, if at the beginning when you quit you feel like a novice rider, it's normal. Stay with it! Gradually, you will get your balance and be able to do without the medication and behavioral techniques that are your 'stabilizer wheels'.