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Help and advice on quitting smoking

Insomnia, nocturnal awakenings or unusual dreams

  • To increase your resistance: avoid caffeine and cola drinks in the evening, and any other substance that might exacerbate sleep disturbances. Go to bed early enough to avoid being short of sleep during the first months after smoking cessation. In addition, some people report having sleep of a poorer quality when they watch television before going to bed.
  • Combating the cause of the problem directly: if sleep disorders are due to nicotine withdrawal, use a 24-hour nicotine patch. However, some users find that sleep disorders occur with the 24-hour patch. In these cases it is better to interrupt the 24-hour patch and choose a different treatment, even if the other types of protection are less durable. You will have to compensate for the loss of protection against withdrawal symptoms by using, for example, nicotine gum in the morning.
  • Gentle distractions: when you go to bed, read a comic or a book you like, but avoid detective or horror stories, which can keep you awake longer than expected. Watching television or surfing the internet can also delay the onset of sleep.