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Help and advice on quitting smoking

Information to remember

Withdrawal symptoms are often the cause of relapses, it is essential to use the best techniques for dealing with them.

Some simple techniques can greatly reduce or even stop certain withdrawal symptoms.

  • To counteract the symptoms of physical dependence, you can use techniques that draw the attention away from the withdrawal symptoms, medication that eliminates the problem at its roots (by relieving craving) and techniques that increase resistance to these symptoms. We strongly recommend using all these techniques, as studies show that it increases your chances of succeeding in your quit attempt.
  • Symptoms of psychological dependence last longer. They can be dealt with more effectively if you are not constantly interrupted by physical withdrawal symptoms. If you treat physical dependence seriously you stand a better chance of beating the psychological dependence too. Learning to live without tobacco is a gradual process and requires a lot of practice. As with any apprenticeship, the more you repeat your exercises, in this case strategies, learnt ways of thinking etc., the easier things become until you are at ease in your new role and can pass a place that sells cigarettes without giving it a second thought.