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Help and advice on quitting smoking

Poor concentration or tiredness

  • Increase your resistance: Improve the quality of your sleep by going to bed a little earlier, protect yourself from excessive light and noise (if necessary use ear plugs) and avoid caffeine in the evening (coffee, cola drinks and other sources of caffeine). Limiting alcohol consumption can improve your resistance to concentration difficulties and fatigue. If you take medicine that can exacerbate fatigue, ask your doctor whether it is possible to take it at night.
  • Combating the problem at its source: If concentration difficulties and tiredness appear immediately after smoking cessation, they are certainly due to the lack of nicotine. We recommend taking medication to "mislead" the brain, simulating the presence of nicotine from cigarettes (ask your doctor for advice). This limits concentration problems and fatigue and increases your chances of success.
  • "Palliative" tips: Chewing sugarless gum or listening to music with a rapid rhythm is stimulating in the short term and can distract you for a while. For activities such as driving or operating machinery, we recommend getting enough rest and taking medication against the withdrawal symptoms, instead of using these "palliative" tricks.