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Help and advice on quitting smoking

How can you resist cigarettes when you are with smokers?

Avoid the company of smokers

At first, it is better to avoid places where people smoke and to be with friends who don't smoke. The enforcement of laws on smoke-free establishments is a real support when you are trying to quit. It's now much easier to go to smoke-free cafés and restaurants. Be aware that it is difficult to resist the urge to smoke when you are surrounded by the smell of tobacco or see someone light a cigarette.

Drink alcohol and coffee in moderation

Many ex-smokers started smoking again after drinking alcohol, especially at night. Indeed, alcohol, even in limited quantities, gives rise to cravings and reduces self-control. Alcohol increases the risk of slips and then relapses. Coffee also brings with it the urge to smoke. Do not drink, or else be especially careful.

Resisting the influence of smokers

Do not be swayed by those that are bothered by your success and want you to smoke a cigarette. Remind yourself that many smokers other would like to quit too. Affirm your new identity as a former smoker. Answer for example:

  • "No thank you, I have freed myself free from this slavery."
  • "No thank you, I do not smoke anymore!" (said with pride!)
  • "No thank you, I have decided not to poison myself with tobacco anymore."
  • "No thank you, I don't need cigarettes to feel good."

Rehearse the scene, like an actor

Act out beforehand the scene where you refuse a cigarette that is offered to you and the scene where you meet someone who doubts your ability to succeed. Prepare responses that have humor, it can diffuse many tense situations and disarm many taunts.

"I quit but all my friends smoke, it's very hard ... What should I do?

Réponse de Patricia Borrero, infirmière spécialisée en tabacologie, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG)