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Help and advice on quitting smoking

Here are some effective ways to avoid starting smoking again

You need to be able to identify the situations that trigger relapses. In most cases a relapse occurs when people are with other smokers, drinking alcohol or in a negative mood (feeling depressed, anxious or stressed). Above all, you must avoid taking even a single puff of tobacco, as it almost always leads to a relapse. Here are some tips for avoiding starting smoking again.

It is important to distinguish a relapse, which corresponds to the resumption of daily smoking with the same consumption as before, from a little slip (or "accident"). The latter may occur occasionally without interrupting the quit attempt.

In both cases, avoid feeling guilty. Having a cigarette or two does not mean that you are incapable of quitting, but that you didn't react correctly to a difficult situation. You managed to go without cigarettes for several days or months. This proves that you are perfectly capable of living without cigarettes!


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