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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Accept fears

There is no silver bullet to stop smoking, everyone to find the method that suits him. Here are some simple techniques that have been proven.

I dread the effects of lack

Know that there are solutions to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Visit our "withdrawal" folder, a doctor there tobaccologist delivers tips and advice to deal with any situation related to lack.
The troubles caused by the lack of nicotine vary from person to person; In principle they are already fading after 8 to 12 weeks. The use of nicotine products (patch, gum, tablets ...) contributes to the disappearance of the lack of symtpômes. Furthermore, the use of these products increases by approx. 75% chance of a successful quit attempt.

I'm afraid to grow

Here is an excerpt from the testimony that Manuella Maury (journalist for Swiss Television) left on our website:

"(...) when I made the break, I was almost immediately found a sense of freedom. The rest followed. I have not taken a kilo unlike anything that had been told me. stopping the cigarette it was also the return to the sport, the aperitif somewhat shortened and the reunion with taste (...) " following

While it is true that some people gain weight after they quit smoking. Be aware that weight gain is usually moderate (3 to 4 kilos) and there are many simple and effective techniques to lose or avoid gaining. The use of nicotine replacement therapy (patch, gum, etc.) and certain prescription drugs can limit or at least delay taking significant weight to quitting smoking.


The opinion of Dr. Rodrigo Tango (tobacco specialist doctor University Hospitals of Geneva) is very illuminating in this regard:

"I did not notice any weight gain in patients taking nicotine substitutes, provided the dose is carefully adjusted so that no withdrawal symptom persists."
 The antenna of the dieticians Geneva is at your disposal for information

I will lose my cigarette break

Maybe what you value in smoking, it is more the break it causes than smoking itself? The pause is a necessary moment, a respite that allows to resume power. But it can take a break without cigarettes. To mark a time for stretching, drinking, walking, crunching an apple or do anything ... Ask yourself the question: do I grant me the right to a break or is it that smoking is a pretext for granting me this right?

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