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Help and advice on quitting smoking

10 tips to avoid putting on weight

Quitting smoking is often, but not always, followed by an increase in appetite and weight gain. The solution is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle - walking, running, moving, dancing and eating less but eating better. Nicotine replacement therapy can delay weight gain until the end of treatment. No need to go on a diet, which would only add to your stress levels. But change your way of eating in the long term. It is useful to review the basics of good nutrition.

Tip: Print out this table and stick it on the fridge door!

  1. Eat a varied diet: expand your food choices. A balanced diet is a varied diet, rich in nutrients but low in calories.
  2. Eat plenty of cereals and potatoes: bread, pasta, cereals and potatoes contain almost no fat but plenty of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and fiber. Add other low-fat food.
  3. Fruit and vegetables - five servings of fruit and/or vegetables per day, fresh, steamed or as juice (1 portion = 1 handful = 1 glass of juice).
  4. Eat milk or dairy products every day, fish once or twice a week, meat and eggs moderately: these foods contain important nutrients such as calcium in milk, iodine, selenium, omega-3 in freshwater fish. Meat contains iron, vitamins B1, B6 and B12. 300-600g of meat per week is sufficient. It is preferable to eat lean meat and low-fat dairy products.
  5. Use very little fat: Use vegetable oils and fats (e.g. rapeseed oil or soybean oil). Beware of fat in meat, dairy products, butter, pastries, sweets, fast foods and convenience food. Our bodies do not need more than 70-90 grams of fat per day.
  6. Use sugar and salt sparingly: only occasionally consume food containing sugar (e.g. glucose syrup). Use herbs and spices creatively and just a little salt. Use iodized salt.
  7. Drink plenty of water: water is vital. Drink 1.5 liters per day. Choose still water preferably. Only drink alcohol occasionally and in moderation.
  8. Prepare your food with care, cooking at low temperatures for a short time with little water or fat. Thus you will preserve the natural taste of food and nutrients.
  9. Take your time, enjoy your meals: Be aware of what you are eating. Eat with your eyes. You will get more pleasure from your meals if you pay more attention to them, your senses will be more alert and you will feel full quickly.
  10. Eat three balanced meals a day. We suggest eating the protein (meat, fish, eggs) for lunch accompanied by lots of fiber. Dinner should be rich in fiber but low in protein. For people who cannot manage without it the portion of protein can be split between lunch and dinner.


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